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With the number of security threats on the rise, network security has become an essential part of maintaining the privacy and integrity of an enterprise. OmniSol has the technology to help you defend your network against attacks by implementing preventative security solutions.

Our layered approach to network security was designed with the knowledge that no single tool can protect every segment of a network from harm. In reality, the surge of blended threats has resulted in the need for integration between individual security products, in order to reduce possible gaps in protection. By deploying security technology at every layer of your network, you can rest assured that you’re guarded against internal and external threats alike.

Using the components of our layered network security model, OmniSol will design a high-performance security solution customized to fit your specific business strategy. Our IT department consists of highly qualified engineers who will seamlessly integrate our solutions into your existing infrastructure. These “layers” of critical protection include:

Protection Against External Threats

Intrusion Prevention
Safeguard your network inside and out from lethal worm invasions and other malicious attacks.

Firewall & VPN
Secure your Internet access points and guard your network’s privacy with complete Firewall/VPN protection.

Antivirus Protection
Protect your PC by automatically by eliminating viruses, worms and Trojan horses.

Vulnerability Scanning 
Scan your network to identify – and dramatically reduce – the number of vulnerabilities within your network.

Protection Against Internal Threats

Web & Email Filtering
Eliminate productivity, network and legal threats by implementing web and email filtering systems.

Event Management
By monitoring the security event logs of all Windows servers and workstations, you’ll be alerted to internal intrusions/attacks in real time.

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